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Each Quaker Meeting has its own character, influenced by its members and attenders.Click on the links below, to learn more about our Quaker Meeting.

Worship Quaker process is grounded in expectant listening for Divine Guidance. It is thus a religion of continuing revelation - the belief that God is ever present and speaks directly to each individual. The community offers spiritual support and clarity in the discernment process through standing and ad hoc committees.
Business Once a month we meet in "worship with a concern for business". We conduct our own business without paid clergy or staff. Committees report to the meeting community on their work and bring their recommendations for corporate decisions.
Committees Quaker organization is from the bottom up. All work is begun at the local level though committees. Committees usually begin and end their meetings with a brief period of worship, remembering that better solutions and ideas are found when one is attentive to Divine nudges.
Clearness We believe each person is in direct communication with the Divine. It is the purpose of a Clearness committee to help the focus person access and hear these answers by asking questions that focus attention on different aspects of the issue. Clearness processes can be requested for any question. They are an integral part of the Meeting Membership and Marriage under the Care of the Meeting processes.
Membership Community is such a core value for Quakers, that one becomes a Quaker by joining a specific Quaker meeting. Here is the process for exploring membership in Chatham Summit Quaker Meeting.
Marriage A Quaker Marriage (recognition of a committed relationship) is always under the Care of a specific Quaker Meeting and begins with a thorough discernment process. Here are the steps for solemnization of Committed Relationships (Marriage) at Chatham Summit Quaker Meeting.
Official Minutes Our Quaker Meeting's Minuted stance on important issues. Positions, initially formulated locally as Official Minutes, percolate up to national or international Quaker bodies. Periodically these bodies revise their "Faith and Practice" - the shared beliefs and practices of the meetings they represent. The revision process ensures we remain faithful to Continuing Revelation relevant to contemporary life.
Meeting History Our Meeting's history in words and pictures from our early days at the Y in Summit, to our expansion in 2007.

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