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Privacy Policy

From CS-Quakers

The Communications Committee works cooperatively in the Meeting collecting and sharing materials, and encouraging other Friends to do likewise, in an appropriate manner. We do this to foster community among ourselves and as public outreach to introduce people to Quakerism and to our Meeting. Because present day information technology is so pervasive and powerful and the privacy of individuals always a consideration, we have adopted the practices and choices outlined below to help guide us in making decisions on how personal information is collected and used. Maintaining personal privacy within the context of active outreach (letting our Light shine!) and enthusiastic inreach (internal community building), is a delicate and continual balancing act.

Media releases. Outreach practices such as media releases and our external website are based on the knowledge that once we have made information public, we no longer control its use.

On a case-by-case basis, mention of any Meeting member or attender in a media release or on the web requires his/her prior approval. Quoting someone requires that person’s approval of the quote and his/her name attached to it. These approvals may be verbal. In the case of photos submitted to the media in which a person is identified by name, written permission is required, either via email or otherwise. The same written permission from a parent or guardian is required in the case of a minor. In all cases, people must be given the full context and purpose of the media release or web page in which they are mentioned, quoted or pictured and see the photo before granting permission. In large group photos where most people are not identified by name, every attempt will be made to gain each individual’s permission, but usage may proceed without it.

Website. Our external website introduces visitors to Chatham Summit Quaker Meeting and invites them to join us. It does not contain or allow access to personal information. Captions on external website photos are illustrative of meeting activities and do not contain individual names.

We do not store or disseminate or use for any other purpose than reply, the emails we receive via the “Contact Us” button.

The server that hosts this website does collect certain technical information about each visit. We use this information in an aggregate manner to improve our site. No other computer collects information about visits to our website. We have some links to pages on other websites such as to Quaker organizations. We have no control over the privacy policies of any of these linked websites.

Any questions about these privacy guidelines may be submitted using the Contact Us button on our website’s external home page, or mailed to the Meeting House address to the attention of the Clerk of Communications, and we will try to answer them as soon as possible.

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