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How We Function

The meeting does not have paid staff, but relies instead on committees or task groups to accomplish the work of the meeting.  On the second Sunday of each month, we hold a meeting at which Friends gather to seek the guidance of the Spirit in making decisions and conducting the business of the meeting.


Most of the work is done in committees or task groups, according to the meeting's needs and concerns.  Everyone is invited to help in the work of the meeting, according to their gifts and interests.

Ministry & Counsel

Friends on this committee nurture the spiritual life of the meeting and provide for the religious development of individuals.  M&C members have responsibility for worship practices.  The committee also plans retreats and educational programs that support our spiritual growth and vitality.


Caring for one another and the meeting is facilitated by the Oversight Committee.  Friends who serve on this committee stay in touch with the needs and concerns of members as well as the entire meeting.  The committee arranges for support and attention to be provided when needed.

Peace & Social Action

This committee works to make the meeting aware of needs in our community and the wider world and to facilitate the meeting's response to current issues through action and fund-raising.  (Photo: Demonstrator at the Golden Rule ship)

Religious Education

The Religious Education Committee is responsible for the meeting's children and youth programs, seeking both to nurture our children and to engage the meeting in their care and spiritual development.  The committee works with the child care coordinator who arranges for child care every Sunday during worship and during meeting-wide programs.

Finance Committee

Friends on this committee prepare and monitor our operating budget and make the meeting members aware of how they can donate to support our community and faith commitments.


Trustees act as fiduciaries in overseeing the meeting's endowment.  This group also creates an annual capital budget and oversees capital improvements to our property.


This committee oversees the care of our meetinghouse and grounds.  The committee organizes monthly Love Your Meetinghouse work days to engage us all in caring for our property.


Library Committee

The Library Committee maintains the meeting’s collection of books and other materials (Pendle Hill pamphlets, magazines, newsletters, etc.) and oversees circulation and shelving of the collection. The meeting historian, who is also part of the committee, maintains meeting records and archives.

Food for Friends & Hospitality

These two committees strengthen connections in our meeting by providing refreshments weekly after worship and preparing meals for us to share at special gatherings and holidays.

Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee assesses our members' gifts and interests and then aligns them with the meeting's needs and priorities to populate our various committees.

Assistance Committee

To assist members who are experiencing financial stress or crisis, the meeting maintains a fund that members may access for interest-free loans.  The Assistance Committe grants these loans on a confidential basis.

Meeting for Business

Each month we conduct a Meeting for Worship with a Concern for Business in which we share information from committee work and make decisions affecting our community and our witness.

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