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Our Community

Supporting One Another

Chatham Summit Meeting welcomes families and individuals of all ages.  From the beginning, Friends have recognized the importance of being in a community.  That community nurtures our spiritual life and accompanies us in joys and challenges.

Programs for All Ages

Learn about the support and opportunities we offer for families and individuals at various stages of their lives, such as affinity groups for young adults, parents with children, etc., our spiritual development program (called First Day School) for young people, childcare for the very young, and our monthly intergenerational worship sessions.  

Faith in Action

Read about the ways that we express our faith through gifts of time, talent and money to meet human needs and influence critical issues in our community and the world.

The Wider Quaker Community

Explore links to some of the larger Quaker organizations through which we seek to bring spiritual light and Quaker values to our world.

How We Function

Learn how we bring our values and spirituality to life through the work of our committees, and how the meeting as a whole makes decisions in its monthly meetings for business.

Chatham Summit History

Read about the history of the Chatham Summit Meeting from its origins in the 1940s and its move to its present location in 1970 to the present day.

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